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International Sellers?

Greetings MAC addicts!

Boy, it's been a while. I'm writing here today to get your thoughts on US sellers being "done" with international shipping just because a few people weren't to be trusted (and I'm presuming weren't checked out on MUA beforehand). How does this make you feel MAC addicts of the world?

The thing I'm referring to here is several posts in the sale_talk community, of which I am a mod (thanks slave2beauty the lovely admin) - specifically: This post and this one (you have to be a member to view it but you get the rough jist of what they say)

Me personally? I'm hurt. I've done nothing wrong, I've created and run 2 successful MAC LJ communities so that we can stick together and attempt to trade and sell in as safe an environment as possible. And yet just because I'm not in a US postcode I'm being discriminated against for something someone else has done.

So  I'm thinking we need to stick together international people, we need to show them that we are not just "some country that's not America". We are the rest of the world people, and we are impotant too. So if you know someone local who has ripped you off let us know, let's spread the word and eradicate the bad seeds and get some trust going on again. Of course the other option is to just not offer them International shipping, but I'd like to think that we're above that...

Share the love, share the MAC and fight for your rights people.

Love, PixX

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