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International MAC Addicts

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[06 Sep 2011|01:22am]
EUROPEAN MAKEUP SALE - based in Italy, shipping worldwide.

MAC CCB Tint, Contrast eyeshadow, Lickable and Craving lipsticks, Coffe and Teddy eyeliners, Strobe cream
non MAC: Shiseido foundation, La Roche-Posay skincare, WnW palette, UD Rockstar eyeliner, Benefit CCS, MUFE eyeliner, Cargo bronzer, Lancôme blush, bronzer and lipsticks; Chanel nail polish, Clinique Black Honey lipstick and lipliner (dc'd), Inglot, KIKO and MUFE lipsticks, Lipstick Queen gloss pencil, CLARISONIC MIA.

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ISO [18 Nov 2010|01:55am]

Long shots, but...

California Dreamin' lipstick
MAC 224 brush

can pay with paypal, and do have feedback on MUA: peacelovevogue
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Small Sunday Sale... [01 Aug 2010|01:58pm]

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March Sale.... [28 Mar 2010|06:42am]

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[01 Feb 2010|01:29am]

Small ISO:
Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 in 030
Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow powder Duo in
Brunette or Ebony

Willing to swap for stuff from my sale! :-)
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HE Mak [28 Dec 2009|01:01am]

Some MAC eyeshadows, lip glosses and MSFs! Plus Urban Decay liners and a few Stila items :)

this way to the sale!Collapse )
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mac sale [18 Dec 2009|04:45pm]

Feedback MUA : saving4lv
-- Shipping to US only. International buyers are welcome (contact me for shipping fee quote).
-- Payment: PAYPAL only
-- Payment within 48 hours
--Shipping Fee to US: $2.50 (First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation and PP Fees), $0.75 for each additional item.            
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Mac sale!! [01 Dec 2009|06:01pm]

UK based sale, will ship worldwide.
Don't like my prices, make me an offer i might accept.

Feedback on Specktra - Sarah & MUA - Sarah_84 both 100%

Postage within the UK included in price anywhere else add an extra £1-£2 depending on weight & location

Eye shadows

Beauty Marked - BNIB - £8
Pink Venus - BNIB - £8
Trax - BNIB - £8
Idol eyes - BNIB - £8
Greensmoke - BNIB - £8
Magic dust - used 2-3x Barbie still intact - £8
Post Haste - used 1x - £7
Humid - about 65-70% remaining (large dip on one side) - £4
Aquadisiac - used 2-3x - £7
Da Bling - used 2x - £7
Parfait Amour - about 60% left - £4
Chrome Yellow - used 1x - £7
Swimming - about 70-80% left, slight dip - £5
Pink Venus - about 30% left, dip & pan showing - £2
Pink venus depotted pan (with magnet & original label) - used 4x - £5
Li'lily depotted pan (with magnet & original label) - used 2-3x - £5
Peridot depotted pan (with magnet & original label) - used 2x - £5
Bitter depotted pan (with magnet & original label) - used 3-4x slight chip - £4
Living pink depotted pan (with magnet & orginal label) - 90% left - £4
Sultress eyes quad - BN - £16
Fafi eyes 2 quad - SIB all swiped 1x - £16
Clarity depotted pan (with magnet & original label) - marked sample, BN slight chip around edging - £5


Violet - used 3x - £10
Teal - 85-90% remaining - £9
Copper Sparkle - 90% remaining - £9
Pasterole - used 3x - £12
Lovely Lily - 1/2 tsp removed - £10
Dazzleray - used 5x - £10
Fairylite - 1/2 tsp removed - £8
Apricot Pink 1/2 jar - £8


Brassy Fluidline - 95% left - £7
Haunting Fluidline - 70% left - £6


Spite Lipglass - BNIB - £8
Lovechild Lipglass - about 55% left - £4
Gaze lipglass - RIS. swiped once by me, tube 3.5cms full (about 75%) - £4
Tongue in chic lacquer - about 60-70% remaining - £4
Pulsesetter Chromeglass - SIB used 5x - £7
Petit Four Lipglass - SIB 85% remaining - £7
Dreamy Lipglass - 85% remaining - £6
Cultured Lipglass - 85% remaining - £6

Face & other products

NC25 Studio fix powder - SIB tested 1x, sponge unused - £12
NC25 Studio fix powder - used 3x - £9
Maidenchant blushcreme - used about 5x - £7
Sassed up Iridescent powder - SIB used 1x and has some very small like dig marks in - £10
Pro longlash mascara Black - BNIP - £8
Zoomlash Mascara Black - £8
Blurburry Shadestick - 80% left - £6
Plum Lip pencil - about 80% left - £6
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StyleBlack Sale [05 Oct 2009|12:14am]


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International Sellers? [11 Aug 2009|02:46am]

[ mood | angry ]

Greetings MAC addicts!

Boy, it's been a while. I'm writing here today to get your thoughts on US sellers being "done" with international shipping just because a few people weren't to be trusted (and I'm presuming weren't checked out on MUA beforehand). How does this make you feel MAC addicts of the world?

The thing I'm referring to here is several posts in the sale_talk community, of which I am a mod (thanks slave2beauty the lovely admin) - specifically: This post and this one (you have to be a member to view it but you get the rough jist of what they say)

Me personally? I'm hurt. I've done nothing wrong, I've created and run 2 successful MAC LJ communities so that we can stick together and attempt to trade and sell in as safe an environment as possible. And yet just because I'm not in a US postcode I'm being discriminated against for something someone else has done.

So  I'm thinking we need to stick together international people, we need to show them that we are not just "some country that's not America". We are the rest of the world people, and we are impotant too. So if you know someone local who has ripped you off let us know, let's spread the word and eradicate the bad seeds and get some trust going on again. Of course the other option is to just not offer them International shipping, but I'd like to think that we're above that...

Share the love, share the MAC and fight for your rights people.

Love, PixX

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MAC SALE!!! [31 Jul 2009|08:17pm]

Hi all! First time to post on here. I have feedback on mua under rmtodd. I'm in the US, but I don't mind shipping over seas, only the shipping charges are higher :(

Here's my sale.


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UK based sale! [22 Jul 2009|02:03am]

I decided to do a clearup of my traincase of stuff I have duplicates of or dont use and have been there for a while. I am based in UK. Prices do not include shipping which will be £2 worldwide, no matter how many items you would like. However its not registered mail, if you would like your parcel insured add 1.50 to the shipping fee for UK or + £3.30 for overseas.
My feedback is all positive on makeupalley (user threnodyinvelvet) and ebay with the same name. thanks for looking :) any questions just ask! no haggling please!

pictures and prices!Collapse )
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My First sale! [09 Jun 2009|03:10pm]
My feedback can be seen on MUA. userid: anshu7

I am in India. Shipping varies from 2-4$ depending on the weight of the item

I believe in being very honest in my dealings and expect u to do the same.If an item has been used I will mention it.I have already put up pics of items for swap/sale. I come from a pet free home where no one smokes.I also have positive feedback on specktra under same user id anshu7

I always send via registered mail and provide a pic of the mailing receipt after shipping.

All prices in USD and prices do NOT include shipping. Payment via paypal only and if ur paypal is CC I would require u to cover the fees.
Now onto the fun stuff!

Onto the fun stuff!

Stay beautiful!
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[19 May 2009|02:24pm]
First ISO!

Looking for Metal Rock at a reasonable price.. shipped to Sngapore.... feedback under MUA : sapnap, ebay: pattaani85 and Cozycot: sapnap... neone willing to swap for Shooting star MSF.. pm me!

also looking for:

NARS Taj Mahal.. under retail!
Amering Rose - used preferable - wanna try it first:)
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MAC Sale- Also come Chanel, Cargo, etc. [30 Apr 2009|02:43pm]

See thread here:

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[06 Apr 2009|11:15am]


Does anyone have the DAME EDNA flat postcard that only came out in AUSTRALIA?

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MAC Disc. - Squirt [17 Dec 2008|01:22am]

Has anyone been able to find Lip glass or gelee in Squirt recently?

I tried Spring Bean but it doesn't give the same caramel color - just yellow-green.

I'm on makeupalley but I have to get all my swaps up before I can check there.. I guess I'd rather just buy it.

Anyone had any luck finding discontinued colors lately?
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Small 1st sale and ISO: MAC 5N, Benefit, Clinique [01 Nov 2008|09:39pm]


Prefer lightly used and below retail/reasonable pricing, or can do swapping!

Petticoat MSF
Light Flush MSF
Northern Light MSF
Stark Naked Blush
MAC Wolf / Black Russian Pearlglide
MAC #187 Skunk Brush (authentic only)

NARS Orgasm
Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil Black gold
Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in  #05L, 15, 14, 19

Please let me know if it's CC

Handling Details
Registered Airmail, with a tracking number
Please let me know where are you situated so I can quote a price
Items will be posted out from Malaysia
Usually small items with register airmail will only cost $2

Here Goes!
Read more...Collapse )
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MAC 4 Pan Eye Shadow Pro Palette Compact - Goldmine, Bitter, Swish, Shroom [31 Jul 2008|06:45pm]

++++ paypal only!
+++ prices INCLUDE shipping & pp fees
++ i ship internationally from hong kong
+ let me know if you're interested - prices are negotiable.

pan palette - goldmine, bitter, swish & shroom!Collapse )
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Rebelrock Fishnet Glove & MAC Necklace for sale [14 Jul 2008|01:16pm]

[ mood | content ]

Have decided it's time to let go, so am offering my Rebelrock glove and necklace here before I pop them on Evilbay.

Am at work just now so can't supply pictures just yet, necklace is the standard MAC one with the box chain, used but in very good condition and the Rebelrock glove is the black fishnet one with a metal tag on the back of the hand with 'MAC Rebelrock' on it.

Am happy to ship worldwide and am happy to take offers.  I have feedback on Evilbay - Christinaedinburgh and can ship as soon as item has been paid for.  

Will hopefully be able to add pictures later on! 

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